‘Sparks of AGI’ – Bombshell GPT-4 Paper: Fully Read w/ 15 Revelations
Special  Notes:
At 10:48 in the video, he introduces "Part 13 - Data Admission" and quotes a section that states that people may/will want the ability and right to decide which data/content the AI can crawl and use in it's training and modeling.

Less than 24 hours ago a paper was released that will echo around the world. I read all 154 pages in one sitting. The paper suggests GPT 4 has ‘sparks of Artificial General Intelligence’. This is not just hype, I go through 15 examples detailing just what exactly the unrestrained GPT 4 is capable of.

Insane highlights include the monumental ability to use tools effectively – this is an emergent capability not found in ChatGPT. I detail the kind of tools it has already demonstrated it can use, from using external APIs to being a true personal assistant, from a Fermi answerer to a Mathlete and a handyman. This paper may well change your thoughts on the state of AGI.

That is just touching on the multitude of implications of this bombshell paper, which was originally titled ‘First Contact’…

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