VIDEO: “The real value of your personal data” (VPRO documentary – 2013)

VIDEO: What is blockchain?

VIDEO: TED – Don Tapscott – blockchain revolution:

VIDEO: TED – Bettina Warburg (Warburg banking family) – how blockchain will transform the economy

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

VIDEO: Ginni Rometty on Mad Money:

VIDEO: Ginni Rometty interview with Marc Benioff, CEO of SalesForce:

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IBM and blockchain in business and finance:

Overview article of IBM blockchain in several verticals

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How Big Data profits from your personal information:

Facebook CAN Be Fixed –
But only with a radical rethink of data ownership and entirely new social contracts — is Zuck up to the challenge?
This author is talking about our business model exactly in this article (we are hiring him for communications)

Introducing Personal Data Exchanges & the Personal Data Economy

They know everything about you: What’s your privacy worth?

How Companies Profit and Use Your Personal Data

Canadians open to selling their online data, Microsoft finds…

The Globe goes inside Canada’s top-secret spy agency…

Data Ownership

How Google, Apple, Facebook and Others Use Your Personal Data (Infographic)

How your personal data is used in personalization and advertising

Data Brokers

What Are Data Brokers – And What Is Your Data Worth? [Infographic]

Data dump – Your browsing history might seem priceless to you, but the black market would say otherwise

Your Google Information Is Worth up to $5,000 a Year to Marketers [VIDEO]

Facebook data value tool:

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Data Privacy

GDPR and the Death of Third-Party Data

These 5 popular apps and websites reserve the right to sell your anonymized data

Leaks Everywhere: How Much of Your Data Is Being Used by Third Parties?

Collective Awareness Platform for Privacy Concerns and Expectations:
CAPrice | Privacy Community | Awareness for Online Privacy Policy of Apps and Services

Data Privacy: 7 Trackers Collecting Your Personal Data

Mobile carriers sell users’ personal information to third parties…


NON DATA Companies Selling Data

To Get More Value from Your Data, Sell It

How to Monetize Your Customer Data

Data Monetization: Marketing and Selling Your Data Product

Otonomo competes with Google and Apple in selling personal data to third parties


Here Are 20 Companies Who Sell Your Data (& How To Stop Them)

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How Smartphone Apps Are Selling Personal Data Without Our Consent Legally


Getting to know you

The data treasure chest: Is there a market to sell utility data?

The Data Brokers: Selling your personal information

Why do companies collect, sell, buy or store personal data

GDPR and the Death of Third-Party Data

Will GDPR kill the third-party data market?

What do data brokers really know about us?

The end of privacy “The Data Brokers: Selling your personal information”

Data Spies/Brokers

Great tool for finding spies/data brokers: DISCONNECT
Firefox: – data protection – user analytics – connect customer data from sources – leads through online tracking – data lists – data hub for all sources – tracking based data research – user tracking data – visitor research – user click mapping

Personal Data Value:

The Economist: The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

Financial Times: Personal data — your digital life in their hands

CBC: ‘Data is the new oil’: Your personal information is now the world’s most valuable commodity

Quora: How much is personal data worth?

Society 4.0:

Simplified Evolution of Societies (article)
Simplified Evolution of Societies (table image)

Digital Identity – DID:

MicroSoft – Decentralized Digital Identities and Blockchain – The Future as We See It.

Identity Foundation

Vendor Relationship Management – VRM:

Project VRM – Harvard

Industry Organizations – NGOs: – control over our data

Personal Data Exchange – health cooperative regarding health data

GoodData – donate data earnings to charity

CitizenMe – do good with your content

Muuver Competitors

Primary Competitors:

  1. Revain – review platform, blockchain, pay users for reviews
  2. Sether – blockchain advertising community
  3. Copytrack – digital copyright and licensing on blockchain
  4. – personal data management & monetization
  5. Steemit – get paid for your content
  6. Datacoup – personal data management & monetization
  7. Datum – personal data management & monetization
  8. Powrofyou – get paid for surfing social sites
  9. Synereo – blockchain payment for content
  10. – payment for personal content and data
  11. DataWallet – digital wallet for personal data
  12. MeeCo – personal data as business model
  13. OpenDNA – consumer insights with AI
  14. PiExchange – personal data management & monetization
  15. Pillar – personal data management & monetization

Secondary Competitors:
Not close enough to be direct competitor.

  1. SeccoAura – you behaviours are your value
  2. Peeks – rewards for content creators
  3. Cozy – personal data management
  4. Persona – Identity management on blockchain